Frequent Questions

Q: My perfectly behaved and absolutely adorable [dog, cat, bird, fish, capybara] is coming with my on my trip. Are pets allowed at the Hot Springs?
A: Unfortunately not. Pets and Hot Springs tend to not mesh well and absolutely no pets are allowed at the Hot Springs.  Parking lot is not shaded and dogs are not allowed tied up on property or left in vehicles.

Q: Will I need to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to come up during the summer months?
A: No. Four wheel drive is a requirement due to ice and snow. Although the road is certainly an element to be taken seriously, two wheel drive vehicles are normally fine during the summer. Motorcycles are not recommended as the road is unpaved; however, it is possible to bring up a bike as well.

Q: I am pregnant and my doctor advises me to not bath in hot water. Are your pools cool enough?
A: Probably not. Our source water stays very hot throughout the year and our coolest pool temperature (although it can fluctuate) is usually around 102 degrees F.  Please consult a physician.

Q:  Can my young child / teen come to enjoy the springs?

A:  Yes, but please remember that pools are typically no cooler than 102 deg F, children are not allowed after dark, and any children under the age of 3 must be in a swim diaper.  Additionally, all youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult parent / guardian.

Q: What type of lighting should I expect at night?
A: Very little. We honestly attempt to allow the pool setting to be as natural as possible. Little light means better star gazing and so please bring flashlights or headlamps with if you are planning on staying after dark.

Q: Where can I find information for the shuttles?
A: Sweet Pea Tours and Hot Springs Shuttle are two separate companies and are not operated by the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Please see our homepage for contact information for both companies.

Q: I would like to come to enjoy the springs in the morning and then come back at night. Is my payment good all day?
A: Unfortunately not – the Hot Springs admission price is good for two hours only. If you return later in the day another reservation will be required and you will have to pay again.

Q: I am bringing a group of people. Do you offer group discounts?
A: No we do not. We attempt to promote that all groups utilize the shuttle companies for transportation as our own parking can be limited. Please contact either Sweet Pea Tours or Hot Springs Shuttle for any group information.

Q: We are staying overnight and would like to have a campfire. Are fires allowed at the cabins or tent sites?
A: Usually not. Given the usual dryness of the summer months and the fact that our sites are so spread out, we do not allow fires at individual sites. There may be exceptions made based on weather patterns. Fires are NEVER allowed at campsites or any other lodging unit.

Q: Are you open for the holidays?
A: Yes we are. We stay open during normal operating hours each and every day of the year.

Q: We are driving to Steamboat Springs from Denver, Grand Junction, Summit County, etc. How far away are you?
A: Given normal driving conditions Denver and Grand Junction are approximately three hours away from Steamboat Springs. Summit County is 1 ½ to 2 hours. Strawberry Park Hot Springs is approximately 20 minutes from Steamboat Ski Area and 15 minutes from downtown Steamboat.

Q: I have an important business meeting in Steamboat and would like to style my hair before I leave the Hot Springs. Can I use a hair dryer / curling iron in your restrooms?
A: No. We are operating off – grid as far as power usage and as such no outlets are available for hair styling, cell phone charging, etc.

Q: Do you have RV facilities?
A: No we do not. RVs are not great vehicles for driving the Hot Springs’ road and we do not have parking available for RVs, trailers, or any oversized vehicles.