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Welcome to the Hot Springs

Strawberry Hot Springs is thrilled to be once again welcoming guests. While we have generous outdoor areas, open-air pools, and plenty of Colorado sunshine, there will be new procedures in place during the Covid recovery period. Reservations will be necessary. Pool time will be limited for day-use guests as well as overnight guests. We ask everyone to practice social distancing and although we don't want you wearing a mask in the water, please do so when arriving, departing, or in any shared facility. Changing rooms will remain closed. Please abide by all rules to keep everyone safe. Welcome back, everyone. We couldn't be happier.

Pool use reservations will begin on July 15 for the month of August. Plan ahead to avoid disappointment! Book here:

The Hot Springs asks all guests to consider the following:
1/ Stay 6 feet away from other guests (per CO state guidelines)
2/ Wear a mask (per Routt County guidelines)
3/ Make a reservation:

The Hot Springs is complying with all current CDHPE guidelines:

Remember if pool reservations are sold out, there is no waiting list, BUT any cancelations will immediately appear as availability here:

Thank you to everyone who has visited since June 5th. August reservations will open on July 15th.