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Welcome to the Hot Springs

Strawberry Hot Springs is thrilled to continue welcoming guests. While we have generous outdoor areas, open-air pools, and plenty of Colorado sunshine, the procedures (including reservations) initiated during the Covid recovery period will remain in effect until further notice. Online booking to use the hot spring pools will be mandatory until further notice. Pool time will be limited for day-use guests as well as overnight guests. We ask everyone to practice social distancing and although wearing a mask in the water is unnecessary, please do so at all other times. Changing rooms access will be restricted. Please abide by all rules to keep everyone safe and happy!

Yes we are open for Thanksgiving, so come enjoy a nice soak with us after all that work cooking. Reservations have been released. Book here:

The snow is falling and winter is coming. Come embrace the season with a nice relaxing soak. Pool reservations have been released through November 22nd. Book here:

Another month of Lodging has been released. Come join us for the New Year and beyond. Book reservations here:

Another week of soaking reservations have been released. Come enjoy Strawberry Hot Springs before the fullness of winter comes. Pool reservations released through November 15th. Book here:

Come enjoy a nice soak and relieve your stress before the holidays are here. Another week of pool reservations are available. Book here: