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Welcome to the Hot Springs

Strawberry Hot Springs is thrilled to be once again welcoming guests. While we have generous outdoor areas, open-air pools, and plenty of Colorado sunshine, there will be new procedures in place during the Covid recovery period. Reservations will be necessary. Pool time will be limited for day-use guests as well as overnight guests. We ask everyone to practice social distancing and although we don't want you wearing a mask in the water, please do so when arriving, departing, or in any shared facility. Changing rooms will remain closed. Please abide by all rules to keep everyone safe. Welcome back, everyone. We couldn't be happier.

The Hot Springs remains closed and unfortunately that means no public access under any circumstances until further notice. This includes all pools, cabins and lodging. Thanks to all our wonderful guests and visitors for their cooperation and understanding.

But certainly still possible to enjoy this - when something closes there is an opportunity to open something else.....

Despite having battled through previous extreme conditions, social, economic and environmental - for the first time in 39 years the business owner and founder has to close the Hot Springs.....

LATEST NEWS - THE HOT SPRINGS IS NOW CLOSED TO ALL VISITORS FOR SPRING CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE. Unfortunately there will be no further public access, but the Hot Springs management and staff wish all customers and guests a healthy and safe future.

Remember doors close at 6pm tonight. Absolutely no entry after this time. Reservations for later times are void - thank you to everyone for understanding. Good health to all.